“The Wand” is the One: Pain-free Injections in New York, NY

The dental clinic may not be a fun place for everyone. There’s a lot of things happening on the dental chair, making many Americans anxious. This phobia often causes them to cancel their appointment with the dentist. However, neglecting the oral health is putting a risk to one’s life.

When it comes to the patients’ dental needs, Paul L. Gregory DDS is very sensitive. Together with the team, we believe that visiting a dentist doesn’t have to be frightening. One can still achieve their dental goals without the torture of needles and other bone-chilling instruments. With the use of our The Wand (Painless Injections), patients will no longer have to worry about painful procedures such as the application of a local anesthetic.

The Wand offers a computerized dental injection, which means, that the computer controls the needle. Compared to the traditional syringe, the flow rate of the local anesthetic is slow, steady, and more comfortable. Since it delivers no numbness to the tongue, cheek, or lip, people are less likely to feel that they already have injected. The device looks like a modern piece of equipment with a unique delivery tube, wand handpiece, cartridge holder, microprocessor, and foot control. Surely, needle-phobics can really benefit from this. A lot of patients testifies how their attitude towards visiting the dentist changed because of this painless method. No more nervous moments to look forward too!

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What Are Its Advantages?

  • Significantly more comfortable.
  • No numbness on the face and lips.
  • Looks non-threatening therefore reducing anxiety.
  • Effective and accurate procedure.
  • Easy and light-weight to be used by the dentist.

What Are Its Disadvantages?

  • It is more expensive than traditional syringes.
  • It is space-consuming for the dentist.

The advancement in technology has indeed given rise to newer innovations that positively change people’s lives; The Wand is no exception to them.


Everyone deserves an anxious-free, comfortable dental experience. Avail of The Wand (Painless Injections) in New York, NY. Book your appointment with us at Paul L. Gregory DDS, visit us at 57 West 57th Street Suite #804, New York, NY 10019.