If you have teeth that are crooked, you may face a functional or cosmetic problem. Orthodontics (braces) can eliminate that problem for you. One of the first things people notice about you when they see you is your smile and how your teeth look. Straight teeth and white teeth are the cosmetic dental improvement patients most request.

Most treatment may not begin until the patient is 8 - although, in some instances, it can be started earlier. It is easier to move teeth in a child. Early tooth movement is a very important phase of orthodontic care. This guidance takes place even though all the permanent teeth are not yet in place. Certain problems are much easier to correct at this stage.

Most adult cases take about 18 - 24 months. You are never too old to begin orthodontics. With the technology today, here at our office, we offer clear aligners and other options that can potentially be a faster alternative. Including Six Month Smiles, ClearCorrect, and FastBraces.

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After the active phase of orthodontic treatment, when the braces are removed, it is usually necessary to have a retainer made. This retainer will maintain the new tooth alignment until the teeth have had a chance to become firmly set in their new position. This retainer may be either removable or fixed in place.

Braces may also be suggested to correct a specific dental problem that only affects one or several teeth. This is not a cosmetic tooth repositioning, but rather a necessary functional tooth movement. Occasionally, in order to properly finish an orthodontic case, the orthodontist may ask the dentist to adjust the enamel of some teeth or bond a resin to some teeth to improve an occlusion (bite alignment) or a cosmetic problem that cannot be successfully treated by orthodontics alone.

While the orthodontics is in its active phase, that is, the braces are on our teeth, you must be very diligent about keeping our teeth clean. If you think it is difficult to clean your teeth properly without braces, imagine what it will be like with the braces in place! It is suggested that you have your teeth cleaned professionally by the dental hygienist at least every six (6) months while the braces are on.

Sometimes the use of dental floss threaders and oral irrigation devices to flush out debris may prove to be helpful in helping to maintain optimum oral health during the orthodontic treatment phase.

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