“The Wand” – Single-Tooth Anaesthesia System

“The Wand” is a painless injection system; it’s the best answer for needle-phobic patients. Here at Paul L Gregory DDS, we care about our patients and understand that most people when visiting a dentist faces huge anxiety and the most common form of dental anxiety is pain, tooth pain, and injections. We continually search for ways to provide better service and more comfortable treatment. For dental injections, the solution is “The Wand”, which eliminates painful injections.

What is “The Wand”?

The Wand is a computerized system for delivering local anesthesia. The delivery of the anesthesia is through a wand-shaped device. It is able to numb a single tooth in the mouth. This device is able to numb teeth without numbing the lip or the side of the face. With the system, the computer takes care of this so there is no pain and no conventional long scary needle. “The Wand” works more effectively, resulting in a more pleasant dental experience.

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Our Happy Customers

"As excruciating as going to the dentist is, I always look forward to my visits here. Dr. Gregory has been my dentist for a few years now and he is absolutely amazing at what he does. Linda, his sister, who manages the office is awesome and accommodating. Highly recommended!"


"Dr. Gregory is truly the best. He (and his office manager / sister Linda) are very pleasant to work with, but most importantly, he is extremely thoughtful and someone who I trust completely in a field in which that can be very hard to find. I never feel that he is trying to "up-sell" some procedure that is unnecessary, and in fact on several occasions has recommended against certain cosmetic procedures that others had recommended. He really is a trusted "dental consultant" (if that makes sense?)- and always willing to offer his time when needed. Don't hesitate to go to him!"


"I've been going to Dr Gregory for ten years and he's still the best in his field . I left for a year due to insurance changes and was miserable. The office is super clean . Linda is fantastic ."

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