Ortho FX Nightime

The innovative technology of NiTime Aligners

The first patented aligner design, specifically optimized for 9-12 hour night-time wear

NiTime Predictability

Our NiTime aligners have optimal forces and a broad fit range to compensate for day-time movements. 

NiTime aligners have light continuous forces, similar to a heat activated Ni-Ti wire.

Benefits of NiTime Aligners

Standard industry aligners yield at lower stress-strain profiles resulting in inadequate force and lower movement spans.

Our NiTime aligners have 5x better elongation to yield for a wider span to move teeth according to the treatment plan. 80% of cases finish on time without refinements.

Engineered to Move Teeth with 9-12 hrs of Wear Time

NiTime aligners significantly outperform industry standard 22 hour wear for almost all orthodontic movements. 

NiTime aligners show up to 30% more a movement efficiency compared to standard industry aligners.

Paul L Gregory DDS Owner of Paul L Gregory DDS

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