Pronamel active shield

Twice daily brushing helps to:
  • Build 2x acid resistance against dietary acids from Day 1^
  • Shield enamel against cavities in teeth
  • Actively reinforce weakened tooth enamel
  • Start building resistance today to help keep your teeth strong and healthy for life.
  • Provides sensitivity relief and lasting sensitivity protection
  • Effectively & gently remove stains for whiter teeth

^vs your mouth’s natural defences

Strong tooth enamel is your first line of defence for healthy teeth. But every day, dietary or sugar acids can put your teeth at risk of enamel wear and cavities. Pronamel Active Shield Whitening effectively and gently removes stains for whiter teeth, and the optimised-fluoride formula helps protect against acid erosion and teeth cavities. It’s proven to actively reinforce weakened tooth enamel and shield against cavities.

Pronamel Active Shield enamel toothpaste works by driving fluoride minerals deep into the tooth’s surface, creating a remineralised and strengthened layer that’s more resistant to future acid attacks to help keep enamel in its prime.

Paul L Gregory DDS Owner of Paul L Gregory DDS

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