Achieve Straighter Teeth Fast in New York with Fastbraces!

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Orthodontics has been one of the most sought-after treatments by patients who have teeth irregularities like malocclusions, excessive spaces, and overcrowding. These conditions affect not only their smiles but also their overall health and wellness. Having malocclusions and overcrowding leaves areas on the teeth that can be hard to clean and reach making it vulnerable to bacteria.

People with teeth imperfections tend to avoid speaking and smiling around other people who can affect their relationships. They will rather avoid talking than feel embarrassed if other people find out about their dental concerns. But thanks to orthodontics, various treatments are now available for the corrections of teeth irregularities.

Paul L. Gregory DDS offers an orthodontic treatment that has been increasing in popularity, Fastbraces! As its name implies, the treatment works faster than other procedures in straightening the teeth. That is why more and more people want to undergo the treatment due to its faster result.


Fastbraces works the same way as the traditional braces, but instead of using metal brackets and wires that can be unsightly, it uses innovative triangular brackets and tooth-colored wires. It provides a pleasing appearance despite being similar to traditional braces. Fastbraces work faster than the conventional approach since it works by moving both the crown and root of the teeth at the same time. Traditional braces work by moving the crowns in the first year and then the position of the roots on the second year.


Benefits of Fastbraces

  • Fastbraces may work faster in moving the teeth, but it does not compromise the appearance and safety of the patient by applying a much-controlled pressure in moving the teeth.
  • The flexibility of the materials used for the wires allows it to move along with the teeth reducing discomfort compared to the metal wires used by traditional braces.
  • Materials used are clear and tooth-colored to provide a more pleasing appearance preferable even to teens and adults.
  • It uses triangular brackets that take lesser space on each tooth structure making it more discreet than the conventional brackets used.
  • Braces have always been a challenge to clean due to the brackets and wires attached to the teeth. Due to the faster treatment duration Fastbraces provide, this gives the guarantee of the proper maintenance of the teeth to prevent any complications from developing. Patients can regain their full access of the mouth in lesser time for proper care and hygiene for healthier, more beautiful looking teeth.


To enjoy straighter and healthier looking teeth, avail of Fastbraces to improve the appearance and overall wellness by boosting one’s smile.


Give your smile a boost, fast! Book an appointment with Paul L. Gregory DDS and check out Fastbraces in New York. We are located at 57 West 57th Street Suite #804, New York, NY 10019.