Answering the Common Questions About Fillings – New York

Practicing proper dental hygiene and seeing the dentist regularly can effectively prevent the development of most oral complications. However, not everyone follows this advice, so they end up developing cavities. The good news is, it is never too late to save the teeth from extraction. Other people may think that the only way to take care of a tooth affected with decay is to resort to its removal, but this is not always the case.




At Paul L. Gregory DDS, as much as possible we want to save each of our patients teeth which is why we tend to exhaust all our alternatives before settling to the last resort. Thankfully, various procedures are now available to do so, one option is Fillings!

What are fillings?

A filling is a procedure performed by a dentist to restore a tooth after being damaged by cavities. Dentists see to it that the color of the material used would resemble the tooth structure to guarantee favorable results. At Paul L. Gregory DDS, we use composite fillings to restore the teeth aesthetically without compromising its function.

What are cavities?

It may sound unpleasant, but the mouth is home to a multitude of bacteria. Although not every bacteria is harmful, most can cause damage to the teeth and its oral structures. Since sugar is in every food nowadays, it increases the risk of people to develop cavities. Bacteria can feed on the sugar trapped in the mouth and create acids. These acids can little by little wear down the enamel, which if left untreated could result in cavities.

How are fillings placed?

To make sure that there will be no underlying problem after the placement of the material, the dentist would first clean the teeth thoroughly. Any portions affected by decay would be drilled and shaped carefully. An etching solution would then be placed to roughen the surface slightly. It is necessary for it can strengthen the bond of the materials to the teeth. The composite material would then be applied by layer and hardened with a special light. As soon as the desired shape is achieved, the tooth will then be polished to give a more natural impression.

Will the procedure cause pain?

The placement is carefully performed to guarantee comfort. However, if the patient is quite uncomfortable, a local anesthetic can be used on the treatment site. It is used for the dentist to perform the procedure without causing pain to the patient. Inquire about our available options at Paul L. Gregory DDS to guarantee a pleasant experience!

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