How Many Years Do You Have to Wear Braces, New York?

Orthodontics is a branch of dental sciences which deals with braces, aligners et al. At times, children and even adults have an irregular or misaligned set of teeth. This causes them to shame and embarrassment. Also, they may be made the butt of jokes by friend, relatives and their ilk because of this. Hence, they suffer from a loss of self-esteem and morale. To rectify this, one can go in for orthodontics treatment.

Can braces be worn as adults?

Some people have this wrong impression that braces can only be worn by children. In fact, they can even be worn by adults. Also, sometimes adults become conscious of braces since they are visible to those whom they interact with. However, nowadays, tooth-colored braces have also become available. These are just the right solution for those who are conscious of wearing the metallic ones.

Orthodontics’ treatment is a bit lengthy one. It may last for up to a year of wearing braces. After this, one should ideally wear retainers as well for a few months. This is done to ensure that the straightened teeth do not slip back to their old position after getting re-aligned. If retainers are worn, it will ensure that the re-positioned teeth stay in their newly adjusted places.

Orthodontics’ treatment is very useful since it helps in restoring the self-confidence and morale of the patient. The straightened teeth ensure that the smile and manner of eating and talking of the patient become perfect. In short, it helps in a person getting a really good smile, and the facial structure of the person improves by a big margin.

A lot of people also are of the opinion that braces are very painful. Of course one can imagine that teeth, which are permanent fixtures in the jaw, are to be repositioned. Hence, this process will not be very easy or simple. Also, the treatment usually involves plucking out four teeth from the mouth to create the space for adjusting the positions of the rest of the teeth. For this, one has to bear with the discomfort of the injections and also the after effects of the teeth being extracted. After this, the teeth are to be repositioned by wearing the braces or aligners. Thus, some amount of discomfort is natural. However, one must always keep the end point in mind while undergoing this line of treatment. If the result is well worth the effort and the discomfort which the patient undergoes, one should not hesitate in going in for orthodontic work. It is advisable to have this treatment when one’s permanent teeth have come. Doing this work at the time of milk teeth is not advisable at all since these will soon fall off in any case. The new teeth which come in their place may or may not come in the same position. It all depends on case to case basis. The orthodontist is the best person to give guidance on this issue.

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