What are the causes and remedies for Halitosis? New York

Bad Breath Treatment

Most people suffer from bad breath which they tend to believe, a normal condition. But do this people know that bad breath might lead to Halitosis (chronic bad breath) which is a severe condition? Halitosis is when people are experiencing a persistent unattractive mouth odor. Halitosis is not that typical “morning breath”  that people usually have. Brushing alone cannot cure halitosis. There are series of remedies and treatment available here at Paul L. Gregory DDS to help our patients with our services to treat Halitosis.

Causes of Halitosis

  • Smoking

Cigarettes and tobacco have different chemical containing ingredients which cause bad breath.  The smoke residue that gets left in the mouth also leaves the mouth dry.

  • Food Debris

Odorous food particles left in the mouth can cause bad breath such as garlic and onions.

  • Dry Mouth

Smoking and other medications can cause dry mouth. Saliva keeps the mouth clean by washing away bacterias. It also keeps the mouth hydrated and mineralized naturally. Without enough saliva, the mouth cannot fight off bacteria causing bad breath.

  • Dental Issues

Dental diseases such as gum disease and tooth decay can contribute to the development of halitosis. Mouth-freshening and brushing might cover the problem, but the odor will just come back if the root of the problem is not diagnosed and treated.

  • Poor Oral Hygiene

Poor oral practice results to Halitosis. Irregular brushing and improper flossing might irritate the teeth and gums causing dental issues that can cause bad breath.

Remedies for Halitosis

If you think you have Halitosis, here are some home remedies that might help you cope up with chronic bad breath.

  • Regular dental visit and examination
  • Regular brushing and proper flossing
  • Clean the tongue by using a specialized  tongue cleaner
  • Avoid beverages that can cause dry mouths such as coffee and alcohol
  • Keep mouth hydrated by drinking plenty of water
  • Avoid odorous food such as onion and garlic
  • Reduce dairy intake
  • Quit smoking
  • Chew gum after eating
  • Control mucus build-ups by using sinus flush.

Treatments for Halitosis

Though there are series of home remedies that can help you cope up with halitosis, professional treatment is essential to cure condition entirely. Halitosis can be caused by various dental issues where can be diagnosed only by a professional through check up and examination. Halitosis treatment depends on the oral condition and the root of bad breath, so it is essential to visit a dentist to receive and undergo proper treatment.


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