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Many people are aware that orthodontic treatments help in correcting certain teeth irregularities, but not everyone is convinced that it is not only for the looks. There is more to orthodontic procedures than just giving a beautiful looking smile; it can also make a person healthier, chew better, and even improve their confidence when dealing with others.

However, not everyone likes the thought of having a mouthful of metal brackets, wires, or even rubber bands. Is there another way to straighten one’s smile more discreetly and comfortably? With the continuous technological and dental advancements, people now have the chance to choose a treatment that suits their needs as well as their preferences. Patients can now pick from several options which promise to lessen or even get rid of the hassles usually associated with the traditional approach – ClearCorrect aligner for instance!


Clear Aligner


Since we at Paul L. Gregory DDS have our patients’ best interests in mind, we offer only the ideal options for orthodontic procedures, and one is ClearCorrect. It is a type of clear aligner which is a modern take to metal braces while still making it as the basis for the results. It straightens the teeth without having to use metal brackets or wires; instead, it uses a flexible thermoplastic material. The material is molded based on the impressions taken from a specific patient. It is to be expected that it would provide a perfect fit while delivering a constant and much-controlled pressure on the teeth. The aligner can actually be removed, unlike the traditional braces which are bonded directly into one’s teeth by a tooth-colored material.


Why choose ClearCorrect?

The aligner tray uses materials that are virtually invisible. It allows patients to straighten their teeth without worrying about their appearance. Both teens and adults choose to undergo the procedure since they tend to be more conscious about their looks. ClearCorrect promises to lessen or eliminate the hassles associated with orthodontics; this includes the usual discomfort and inconvenience. Discomfort is reduced since the aligner delivers a much-controlled and constant pressure on the teeth. Inconvenience is eliminated as it does not require the patient to see the dentist constantly. Instead of frequent appointments, the patient can just see the dentist periodically not for adjustments, but to check for its progress.

Give your smile a boost! Book an appointment with Paul L. Gregory DDS and check out our ClearCorrect in New York. We are located at 57 West 57th Street Suite #804, New York, NY 10019.